Mar 1 ore 19:00 Marinai Housing Carneval Party – Sigonella (CT)

The Event will start with a Masquerade Parade with folks groups and Disney’s characters going through Marinai Residence streets, singing and throwing “coriandoli” and colored steamers. At the end of the Carnival Parade all these groups will move to the CDC Parking Lot – Main Entrance where they will play typical shows from 16:00 to 22:00 for entertaining all the attendants. On this place there will be booths and stalls selling typical Sicilian food by local vendors, drinks and traditional cakes and sweets; there will be also a special area for kids’ entertainment. During the Event a Balloon Art show will be played along with a live Country Music performance by the famous band “Appaloosa”. Music, Lights, Food, Drinks and Fun for a very relaxing afternoon dedicated to our dear Marinai Residents.